Home Herb Garden – A Haven of Heavenly Blessings

Having an herb garden in your home can be quite a blessing. Your home herb garden need not be as expansive as those at the yesteryear historical homes for it to be just as beautiful. A plot of land, irrespective of its size is enough for you to start working on realizing your dream of cultivating your own herb garden. You have come to the right place to get started. There is a reason why the size of land required for such garden is not so important. Also,you will be glad to know that you always have an option of growing herbs indoors either in containers or pots and they grow just as healthy as they would if planted outdoors.

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Travertine Tiles For Home And Garden Decor

Travertine is one of the most famous stone products for use both in the home and in the garden or yard. This classic Roman stone has been utilized for construction and tiling for thousands of years. Indeed, the Coliseum in Rome is in fact composed almost entirely of travertine not marble as many people think. Travertine is a sedimentary rock that was formed by the evaporation of water in pools of hot springs. When the water evaporated it left behind layers of minerals and these minerals are what give the stone its beautiful shades. The main hues of travertine tiles range from soft browns to dark mahogany and fiery red. Many accenting colors can be found in each tile depending on the addition of different minerals during the formation process.

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Home Vegetable Gardening – Growing Oregano

If you have been vegetable gardening for some time then you are more than likely already aware of the “zones”. These are the classifications of areas of the country of temperature ranges and growing conditions as designated by the United States Department of Agriculture. Knowing this, if you find out you are in zone, I have good news. Oregano grows as a perennial in your location whereas for the rest of us it grows as an annual outdoors and a perennial indoors so long as the conditions are right.

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